Listen to my customers

Author: Jessica Robinson  


Hi to all my lovely followers,

Hope you have had a wonderful Thursday.

I live in the gorgeous Hunter Valley where it has been very hot and dry this Summer. We are very happy to have had a bit of rain to green it up a little.

I have a question i would love to have answered by any of you. 

With Autumn and Winter on the way what kind of clothing do you want for your children.

Boys?? Girls?? Baby?? 

Cardigans?? Jumpers?? Skirts?? Tights?? Pants?? Rompers??

And would you prefer to spend a little bit extra to get good quality clothing or cheaper so you can get more of a range of clothing.

I love hearing feed back from my customers so feel free to throw some questions/answers to me.

Have a wonderful night.

Love Jess :) xo

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