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Author: Jessica Robinson  

Baby Led Weaning Products Australia AfterPay


Do you like Mess? Do you like food through your hair and squishing through your fingers?

I can tell you kids do (well my kids anyway) I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old that both ate most their food by themselves and making a big mess. But I would rather do that then have to shove a spoon in their mouth with them crying. Both my kids are not very fussy with their eating as they tried a range of differant textured food and feeling what they are putting in their mouths.

Have you heard of the amazing Australian Brand... "Wean Meister" ???

The producrs are made from Silicone.....Silicone is a safe, soft and modern material to use for feeding babies.
It is durable and very easy to clean.

There is a wonderful range of Wean Meister products E.G. Freezer Pods, Bowls, Plates, Spatulas, Cups, Bibs and they are all made of the great quality silicone. 

Mum of Two says  "We create truly useful and time saving baby feeding products. Empowering Mums, Dads and Babies to concentrate on making a mess and having a wonderful time doing it!!"

​If you are in the weaning stage for your babies these products will not dissapoint.

​Feel free to start shopping with AfterPay available.

Have a wondering time Baby Led Weaning.


​Love Jess xo



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