Helping Each other Succeed

Author: Jessica Robinson  

Support Local Stores and an actual person does a little dance!!

​"achieve the desired aim or result"

This is what succeed means....

We all want to succeed at something amazing in our lives... But what is it we want to succeed from??

​I want to build an amazing business that helps mothers and fathers to provide great quality products for their children.

​But having a small business is not as easy as it seems.

You go through lots of ups and downs

​Apps when you are getting sales from all around the country and downs when you haven't had a sale for a little while and you start over thinking..."Is it something I said?? Is it something I done?? Did I not give someone the service that they were wanting??" So many thing go through your head.

​I try to support the local small businesses as I now understand that they need the communities support to keep their door open and to provide us with the products that they sell.

​In Australia if everyone supported the local businesses they would get more out of it. Yes... we do need to go to the big stores and there is nothing wrong with that either as they need customers to stay open to but shopping small means so much to an actual person.

Each time I get a sale on my website it's like I have a little party... That is how much it means to me :)

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