How good is Autumn

Author: Jessica Robinson   Date Posted:10 March 2018 

How awesome is Autumn?

I our part of the world we have had some nice rain and the green grass is shooting. The kids are playing out in the cubby house (I'm not a fan of them playing out there to much in summer as I strees out about snakes.)

Eater is nearly here and we nearly always go camping, which I love. When we drive in to where we go camping the gorgeous smell of camp fires and the country music playing through the camp site. I just love it. The Nights are cool but the days are warm enough that we can go swimming in the clean and crisp running river.

What are you up to this Easter?

What do you love about Autumn?

I use to love Summer but this time of the year is quickly becoming a fav season.

Have a great Saturday :)

Love Jess xoxo



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