Kids being kids

Author: Jessica Robinson   Date Posted:4 March 2018 

Hi :)

Well we had an eventful day..... a trip to the hospital today. I thought my little Miss swallowed a broken marbel, so I went into panic mode thinking that it will hurt her. After a X-Ray they couldn't find it which was a relief.

No wonder I am going grey.

It is so hard not to wrap my kids up in cotton wool but then I don't want them to be to sheltered and not experience being a little Aussie Country Kids like I was. 

We are so bleesed to live in this amazing country where our kids can be kids and also have such wonderful hospitals. The docyors and nurses where so nice.

What are some of the things your children have done that ended up in hospital...... Just a kids being a kid.

Love Jess :) xo

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