Not just a peice of tumble weed

Author: Jessica Robinson   Date Posted:20 February 2018 

Hi to all you gorgeous mummas,

Happy Tuesday.

Today I am going to write about Mental illeness. So many of us in this day and age have to live with feeling of no worth. I go through phases, some days I feel amazing and I'm on the top of the world and then other days I feel just a little bit crapy. 

I mainly want to talk to you about what I suffer with..... That is anxiety and OCD (The OCD is not really about cleaning to me it is mainly the repetitive thoughts and not being able to function propery because I am to busy trying to think or pray in a perfect order. And if I don't I have to start all over again. I use  to read an article the whole way through because if I don't I will think something bad will happen. I have been like this nearly as long as I can remember but I didn't get help until I had my gorgeous 2nd child. I could'nt handle life real well at that point. So I got help and it was the best thing that happened.... Thanks to my wonderful midwife for seeing the signs.

It is so time consuming and draining but getting help is what everyone needs, it will be the best thing you have done. I am a better Mum and person because of getting the help I needed.


This is where the heading of "Not just another peice of tumble weed" comes in.‚Äč I work as a gardner for a few hours a week and this one day in particular I sawthis peice of tumble weed blowing in the breeze and in my head i said"stop that peice of tumble weed or something will happen"..... But I decided not to stop it. I wanted to let it go free just as I want all these silly thoughts in my head to go free.

I really want to help other people feel that they can beat mental illness and let your piece of tumble weed float away also and live life being able to control you mental illness.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

Love Jess :) xo



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