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Author: Jessica Robinson   Date Posted:7 March 2017 

Lets help each other!!

Good Morning,

Hope you are all well today!!

Today I want to try and get you all to write down your problems and let our fellow bloggers have the chance to help out.

We are all dealing with differant problems and it is nice to know that you have people to talk to and help you out.

If it's something like.... "what nappies do you find works best??" to something like "What your children prefers to eat!!" We would love to hear your family favourite recepies.

How about your oppinion on "Baby Led Weaning"?

I find I googled alot asking questions and the Blogs are 2 years old.

I would love for everyone to get involved and help each other out.


Have a great day :)

Love Jess xo


Author: Jess Robinson  

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Baby Led Weaning

By: on 7 March 2017
I am for Baby led weaning. I first heard about it at my mothers group when my first child was born. Lots of people do disagree that it is good. I am not one that like shoving food down my kids throats. But it is just my opinion. It may be very messy but I think it is important as the kids get involved in family meal time and work out textures for themselves. What is baby-led weaning? Baby-led weaning (BLW) means forgetting purées and spoons and letting your baby feed himself. What are the benefits of BLW? BLW gives babies the chance to explore foods for themselves. One study did find that babies who are allowed to feed themselves from the beginning of weaning are more likely to join in with family mealtimes and also eat a wide range of family foods early on. The down sides to BLW? Even BLW fans agree that it is very messy, and there is a lot of waste. If most of your baby's food ends up on the floor, there may be a limit to the number of nutrients she can get from her food. The official advice is to give your baby well-mashed or puréed foods at the beginning of weaning, as well as finger food. The Department of Health, the European Union and the World Health Organisation all recommend this. Dietitians also think it's important to give your baby a variety of textures, so pureed food as well as finger foods. Won't my baby choke if we try BLW? It's perfectly understandable to worry about your baby choking or gagging. Supporters of BLW argue that as long as babies can sit upright, they should be fine. The fact that babies can handle and control the amount they eat, and move it to the back of their mouths when they're ready, means the risk of choking is minimal. Remember that babies should never be left alone when eating. Is BLW suitable for breastfed and formula-fed babies? Most parents who have tried BLW have breastfed their children and see it as a natural extension of the breastfeeding process. If your baby is breastfed, he needs to work hard at it, using his jaw and tongue to latch on properly and get at your milk. The muscles he uses to breastfeed may give him a head start at learning to chew. Another factor that may make breastfed babies take more easily to BLW is to do with feeding on demand. Babies that are breastfed on demand are able to regulate their calorie intake as and when they need it. BLW is simply an extension of this nutritional self-regulation. However, there does not seem to be any reason why a bottle-fed baby couldn't start solids in this way. Offer your baby drinks of cooled, boiled water in between milk feeds and at mealtimes. Are there any reasons why I shouldn't try BLW? Talk to your child health nurse or GP before trying BLW if any of the following apply to you: •you have a family history of allergies, digestive problems or food intolerances •your baby has special needs and can't chew very well or has difficulty picking up food and moving it to his mouth •your baby was born prematurely Where can I find out more? You may find a leaflet entitled Baby-led weaning useful. It is written by Gill Rapley, the UK health visitor who introduced the baby-led weaning concept. She has also produced a set of guidelines. These studies are from the Baby Center Website. I hope you find that useful.

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