Stay at Home Mums

Author: Jessica Robinson   Date Posted:21 March 2018 

I was only thinking the other day how stay at home mum's don't feel like they are pulling their weight. Being a stay at home to my 2 gorgeous luittle ones is the most rewarding jonb I will ever have. But I feel that others make us feel like we are just bludgers. I must admit I feel so lucky to be living my childhood dream of being a stay at home mum. I don't receive a cent off centerlink so I am not stayinbg at home because I am getting paid to do so. I'm doing it because I love being with my kids.

It is hard at times being a stay at home mum, as I feel like I am getting judged for not working while other mum's are going back to work. I really think it is unfair as being a mum and trying to do the perfect things for your kids it is really hard at times.


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