These are the good old days

Hi all,

Hope you are going amazing on this gorgeous Spring day.

I have been thinking about the song on the radio at the moment that Keasha sings about. We are worrying about all our problems of the world. But when we look back in years to come, these days will be the amazing "good old days". I am sitting here at me computer looking out the glass door to the Glistening Gumtrees outside. How could these be anything else then the good old days. 

Yes I know not all days I feel like this. Not every day you look out the window and see the Gum leaves Glistening in the sunshine. Although some days they will be but I will feel anxious for some reason or another and take the leaves glistening in the Sunshine for granted.

I know it is hard to say don't worry about today and just live each day happy. Life is not like that. All I can say is enjoy these days even if you have been yelling at the kids all day and you have put a few kilos on in a year or if you are worrying about bills that need to be paid.

What is important is realising how lucky we are to be here and enjoy these days as they ARE "THE GOOD OLD DAYS"

Love is all around here at "Among The Gumtrees, Kids Wear"



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