Find your Passion

Have you ever felt like you are nothing, that you are the one that didn't go to uni and get a degree. So because of that you just plodder along just riding your little wave?

It's funny.... I kind of felt like that. Occasionally I slip into those silly thoughts and think I maybe should have done things differently. But then all of a sudden I think... NOOOO!!

Everyone has their ups and downs weather they are million airs or live on the streets.

Say if I did get a degree and a high paying job I wouldn't be any more happier. I get to be a stay at home Mum, do my bit for the community, help in the school canteen and drop my little man off at the bus stop. (I may be around yelling and rushing around like a mad women but I wouldn't have it any other way.) To tell you the truth growing up I didn't want to go to uni all I ever wanted was to be a stay at home Mumma and I am absolutely Blessed by God that I get to do this.

I grew up on a dairy farm with my two gorgeous sisters, Mum, Dad and our wonderful Nan. We didn't go on those big family holiday every year, we were always late to things but i wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Growing up on our Dairy Farm was all we needed.

Looking at the big picture I didn't really feel I had a passion that I was that good at ( yea I could cook, I could sing the odd song ok!!! But my sisters were always better lol) until one day I decide to start sewing and I have actually found my thing.

So my advice to anyone that feels your the one that doesn't seem to be great at anything you just haven't found it yet.

Keep looking, keep plodding along, be happy with what you have and just enjoy it. Everyone has a thing..... a thing that they can do..... a thing that people will go.... go you. You just have to find it.

Love Jess xoxo



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