I am me

I just want to say hi to all my beautiful followers and amazing customers! You don’t often see the face of our businesses on our business insta accounts! So this is why I’m posting! Let’s all take a pic of us and a little comment on you 😍

This photo is vulnerable for me..... growing up I was picked on because of my big ears, I decided to take a pic with my big ear that makes me me! Everyone has floors but embrace them because that’s a part of the lovely you 😍☀️

Never ever think your not good enough and that know body cares. I’m only an email away. My aim in life is to make people feel better. I’m not perfect and I give people the shits. I wish everyone loved me but I don’t think that will happen. I’ve made bad choices and hurt people without meaning to but my advice is to pic yourself up and live the best way you can.

God Bless

Love Jess xoxo

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